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As the word MERAKI says, it's all about doing things with love, creativity and soul and putting something of yourself into your work.

That's exactly what we believe in and also the message we would like to share with our work.

We are here to turn all your ideas and visions into a meaningful brand with soul, while uniquely blending conscious strategy and purposeful design. Your brand is thereby created from the inside out and almost magically differentiates itself from the rest by being real and authentic.


Since we believe in a holistic approach to branding, marketing and life in general, we create your brand based on your personality, values and individual characteristics so that you feel confident, happy and fulfilled with it long-term. This way, you're ready to step out into the world with a magnetic and strong brand that has that special little something you can't put into words.

MERAKI The Studio Wien meraki the studio by Lisa Sinn


// Openness

// Honesty

// Freedom

// Fullfilment

// Love for life

We believe in a world of freedom where everyone can create their own identity and a life they truly love. Therefore, we aim to guide you along the way no matter where in the journey you're currently at.


From finding what lights you up to helping you make it a reality and, ultimately, forming it all into a meaningful, strong brand with a successful marketing strategy.

Inspired by travel, cultures, experiences and so much more, we do what we love and love what we do and want you to do the same.

Lisa Sinn MERAKI The Studio Wien Südtirol

Hello and thank you for your visit!

My name is Lisa Sinn and I'm the founder and owner of MERAKI The Studio.


I'm passionate about turning visions into brands and, ultimately, dreams into reality. Besides that, I love traveling, yoga, nature and enjoying life outdoors with the people I love (and my dog).

I originally come from South Tyrol (Italy) and started out as a freelancer in 2018 while traveling the world. It was definitely a special time in my life and even though it was not always easy, I am so glad I followed my heart.


Gaining a lot of insights and knowledge along the way and being on a journey of both personal and business development myself, I now love to share it all through my work and through MERAKI.

Today I am living in Vienna and founded The Studio to help even more people and to work towards my bigger vision while guiding individuals from all over the world on their own path to a fulfilling brand and career that does not only look good on the outside but feels amazing on the inside too.

about me

Let's work together and make magic happen!

Whether you're looking for guidance or already exactly know what you're looking for, on a first free call we can talk about your current situation and see what the best option is for you and your brand.

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